Sat. May 21st, 2022

If someone told you that he knows how to make money by placing bets on the Internet, (I hope) he will be a little skeptical about what he will say next. Many people claim to have secret systems that can earn hundreds of pounds every day, and these systems are often sold or distributed for free. I hope that the fact that they are handed out for free should tell you something about your system: it does not work.

Kind of gaming system

If someone earns a few hundred pounds a day with some kind of gaming system, why would he be willing to give it away? Why would they sell the system for a few pounds when they earn thousands of pounds a week? Your so-called system will not work when you try. Either the owner of the system makes money selling the system, or makes money as a partner of the casino/gaming site like w88 thailand with which he is associated.

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Many similar gaming systems are currently circulating on the Internet and advertised regularly, which should mean that people get into the system, otherwise, the owner of the system cannot pay for advertising fees constantly.

One of the most popular and worst gaming systems is the Martingale system, which many people disguise and sell as a legitimate system for making money. The Martingale system is used on roulette tables. It includes a small bet on a pair with two results, such as black/red on the roulette table, and then doubles this bet every time you lose. For example, you bet 1 euro on red, lose, then bet 2 euro on red, lose again, and then bet 4 on red. The idea is that he will eventually win, and when he wins, he will cover all his losses. All this sounds great, but in reality, you will have unsuccessful series and you will quickly reach the maximum possible bet on the table, so you can’t put enough money to compensate for all your losses. It only takes about 10 bad results in a row, and you have to bet hundreds to just cover your losses, and it is not worth trying.


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By Jamie J