Sat. May 21st, 2022
DominoQQ Online

BOSQQ is an online platform, developed in Indonesia that provides card betting games to be played online. This type requires primarily a network that will enable users to play without any disruption. With the help of the internet, a person can play any number of hours. This nature of games was introduced recently as the internet users range went very high and almost the whole world is now having network connectivity. The website is equipped with games such as Poker, BandarQQ, DominoQQ, AduQ and much more. They provide customer service support 24/7 which caters to the needs of the players online with the help of instant chatting options. Today, the BOSQQ is considered to be the largest provider of online betting games with a huge number of players getting added every day. The website also understands and guarantees the safety of each member’s account. It plays an important role in the trust that has been built with a group of people. They also give out bonuses to the players up to 45% for their lifetime. An additional 0.5% is provided as a cashback bonus for every week.

DominoQQ Online

How the game is played?

In the dominoQQ type, each table of 6 players will be distributed with 24 cards. The main point to be focussed on is that there is no bookie in this kind of game. The members will be playing against each other. The first process is the dealer will give three cards randomly to all the 6 members of the table. The aim is to get a total of 9 combining any two cards of the three. If the total does not tally as per the requirement with the three cards, the chance of winning is very less, thus it is considered better to fold. It is important to notice if the member has got a Balak card, in that case, that person is considered to be the winner. In other cases, the member with the highest card will be declared as the champion. It also consists of Jackpot cards which can be used to play after.

These games are played tremendously in Indonesia with many people of all age groups willing to spend their time and energy. It is also a type of gambling where you bet and then wins or lose. Even with the mobile application, every month there are new updates, which enables the users to experience the new features and play in a new environment with enhanced designs and processes.

By Jamie J