Fri. Oct 7th, 2022

If you’ve been playing Internet poker for quite some time now, then perhaps you’re now considering on jumping into the fun world of online poker tournaments. Now, if you’re a beginner at playing poker tournaments, fear not because we’re here to help you traverse through the exciting world of online card gambling.

Keep in mind that poker, whether played online or in a land-based casino isn’t a race. Think things through, and don’t give in to the pressure. If you do, then you’re going to make costly mistakes and an early exit off the table. So without further ado, here are 4 relatively simple ways to get you through an online poker tournament without losing the entirety of your bankroll.

“The More Chips, The Better”

Online poker tournament strategies differ from playing casual Internet poker games. The main difference here is that when you’re playing casual games, you have all the desire to win. In poker tournaments, however, it’s going to be all about survival. In other words, once those chips in front of you are all gone, then so is your time spent in the tournament. Always keep a close eye on the number of chips you currently have. Also, always compare your stack with others and the ever-increasing blinds. The number of chips you have will dictate how you should be playing your hands.

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Make Use of Your Time and Money Wisely

Think of online poker tournaments akin to that of a state fair. When you enter the fair or carnival, your pockets will be full of cash. You can ride the Ferris Wheel, throw a couple of baseballs to a stack of milk bottles, eat the food present at the event, and just have a jolly good time. However, as you spend more time at the fair, you’re going to notice that your pocket is becoming lighter. It’s a similar thought when you look at online poker tournaments because you need to spend your time and money wisely. Never blow your entire bankroll or stack of chips in doing the wrong moves, especially if you’re still in the early stages of the tournament.

Keep Your Enemies Close, and Your Chips Closer

Any beginner online poker tournament player should try to approach the match as tight as possible. In other words, don’t fall prey to the whims and traps of your opponents for as much as you can. Keep an eye on the other players on the table and see if they’re betting an unusually large amount of cash during the early stages of the tournament. If they are, then chances are they’re just baiting you to play along as they hope that you’ll shout “all in.” Once these players are off the table, then you can loosen up a bit.

Let Loose With Fewer Players at the Table

Once the middle and final stages of the tournament come into view, and you’re still on the table (hooray!), then chances are you’re going to inevitably play short-handed. For newbie poker players, playing shorthanded means you’re dealing with less than eight or nine opponents at the poker table. You might find yourself in awkward situations because your hand looks weak. However, you might want to decide to play it anyway in an aggressive manner. Why? It’s because your opponents will also be in the same boat.

Lastly, if you’re playing turnamen poker gratis (free poker tournaments), don’t get ripped off. Some opponents, especially during the later stages of the match, will try to split the winnings with you if they see that you’re in a more advantageous position than them. Don’t get “bamboozled” by their wily charms. No matter how much they moan or groan, you get to decide how to use your winnings.

By Jamie J