Sat. May 21st, 2022

There is great fun in playing the classic game of DominoQQ and this game is played by many generations of kids. In world the game of Domino QQ forms a part of every major countries culture.  During the 12th century, this game has been started in China. But now this game is highly famous all over the world. The game has various versions and every version of game has some twist that varies according to the country from which it has been originated. According to the place of game’s origin there are different rules for the game of Dominoes.

 If the player has knowledge regarding the primary components of game then it becomes easier to learn the game rules. It is important to understand the individual and group working of tiles in the game. A domino is basically a small tile that is 2inch long, 3/8 thick and 1inch wide and it has two dice. The tile is known as the bone in the game and the famous domino set is double six. There are number of dots on tiles on each end and the tiles are named accordingly. Usually the number which is lower will be listed first.

In the game the lightest value is double blank and the heaviest will be double six. For example, if tile has 2 on one end and 4 on other end then it is called 2-4 but when the tile has same number on both ends then they are called as double. In the game there are 7 suits that have 7 members each and the tile which has the same number on its end will belong to the same suit in the game.

Various versions of game are Mexican train domino, Block and memory game. Draw is very common and the most popular game of Domino as the rules of this game makes it play very easily. If any person invites you to play the game of domino then he probably invites you for the draw domino game. The game will be started by the shuffling of tiles on the table then place the face down of the tiles and with hands mix them properly. The tiles will be placed in the front so that the player can see them but it is very important to hide them from your opponent. The player who has the highest double will go to start the domino game.

By Jamie J