Fri. May 20th, 2022
General Review of Kazi Journey in Japan

Kazi trip is the popular game operated by Hero-Gaming-Limited which was released back in 2014. It is also known as casitabi the name that was derived from a betting site innovator. It offer entertainment-filled casino where you can contest against the boss as gamble with casino. Below are various reasons most people choose Kazi trip:

Payment Method

Kazi trip betting supports withdrawal and deposit with either electronic payment or credit card. It means payments has satisfied gamblers in Japan and others from different parts of the world.


Attractive promotions and campaigns 

Kazi trip also provides extraordinary promotions monthly including lots of free exciting festive bonuses like for valentines, Christmas, terrific Tuesdays and much more. The following are some the latest game that has been released by Kazin Journey betting site.

  • Microgaming,
  • PLAY’nGO,
  • casino slot online games,
  • blackjack,
  • roulette,
  • video poker

Customer support

When you are betting with an online gambling site, it is always your right to have friendly customer services. Kazi journey support team are highly-trained customer service ready to assist any gambler who experience technical betting challenges.

Is it possible to withdraw bonus money?

You will have to clear the wagering needs for you to withdraw bonus funds. Once you’ve cleared betting condition, your bonus funds will be converted automatically converted into real money, and then you can be free to withdraw.

The legal document required for withdrawal 

You will be recommended to provide the following document for you to withdraw your money. These documents include your card with your passport photo and the public document that confirms your current address. Also, based on your means of payment, it might be required to submit more requirements.

How you can participate in the Kazi trip campaign 

For you to participate, you will have to click join offer button through the campaign page before you make your deposit. Immediately you exit the deposit page, you will again have to click the join button, then shift into the deposit page. Once you’ve complete the deposit, it will be given to you automatically.

Mixed bet

Probably you decided to make a combined bet, the funds in your wallet will be used to fund your real money wager. The betting money will be used foragers once bonus money and real money, including the entire winning is reflected in your walled as the bonus money. Sign up with Kazi trip site for more details about casitabi.

By Jamie J