Fri. May 20th, 2022
Judi Poker Online Terpercaya An Indonesian Poker

Poker is one of the most famous games in casinos. That is why most casinos and online casinos offer this services to their players. It can now be played worldwide and are now available to be accessed on web. One of famous Indonesian online casinos offer this service which is poker uang asli. Is it the same as with the usual and basic poker? Or Does it have its own rules and game play?

Knowing the Game

Online casinos are now common in the web and thus making it available worldwide. Some countries have their online casinos website that cater to their local. An example of this is Indonesia which have their own site called Data Poker. Data Poker, like most online casino sites offer several casino games but focus on one of the most famous and that is Poker. Its famous game called Judi Poker Online Tepercaya. This poker game is like any other poker game and has the same rules and combinations as the basic poker.

poker terpercaya

Data poker being the most trusted site in online casino offers a guide on how to play their famous poker game which is by having a ranking combination guide:

  • The Royal Flush

This is the highest combination ranking level of a poker game which compose of the highest sequential number of card with the same suit for example: 10 of hearts, Jack of hearts, Queen of Hearts, King of Hearts and Ace of Hearts.

  • The Straight Flush

The straight flush is the second highest in ranking in poker. It is like the royal flush but only needs a sequential number of card with the same suit unlike the royal flush where in the number must be the highest. An example of the Straight Flush is: six of hearts, seven of hearts, eight of hearts, nine of hearts, and ten of hearts.

  • The Four of a Kind

The 3rd highest rank in poker, it compose of same cards of different suit for example: ace of spade, ace of heart, ace of clubs and ace of diamonds.

  • The Full House

Full house is the 4th in the ranking which compose of 3 same number of card and 2 same number of card for example: Nine of hearts, Nine of Spades, Nine of Clubs, 3 of hearts, and 3 of diamonds.

  • The Flush

The fifth in ranking, the flush consist of the 5 same suits regardless of sequence, for example: 5 of hearts, 3 of hearts, 6 of hearts, Queen of Hearts and 2 of hearts.

  • The Straight

The Straight is similar to straight flush but consist of sequential number of cards regardless of their suits for example:  six of hearts, seven of spades, eight of clubs, nine of diamonds, and ten of hearts.

  • Three of A kind

    Three of kind consist of three similar number of card regardless of suit.

  • The Two Pairs

The two pairs consist of 2 pairs of cards regardless of suits for example nine of heart, nine of diamonds, 6 six of clubs and 6 of hearts.

  • The Pair

The Pair or One Pair consist of a pair of card regardless of suit for example 3 of spade and 3 of hearts.

  • The High Card

This is the lowest rank of level in the poker and consist of having one of the highest card. For example, king of hearts vs 3 of diamonds

        This is the rank for the suits: Spade, Heart, Club and last is Diamond.


In conclusion, there are a lot of online games to choose from like poker. It is now popularized in other countries like Indonesia which is known for having a conservative culture. Though it is a fun activity, gambling in this online casino site can be obsessive that is responsible gaming and control should be practice. No matter what online casino it is that the player visit and what game he/she plays, awareness of control and discipline should be followed.

By Jamie J