Fri. May 20th, 2022
Making Your Online Poker Game Better Now

For those that have started the switch from the traditional game of poker, which is face to face, to the dynamically different way of playing online poker, there is a vast and incredible amount of educational material to get your hands on online and via traditional means. This is both good and a somewhat challenging way to arm yourself with the tools to make it in the online poker world. Regardless, one will need to go through the material and sift through what works and what does not. Keep in mind that poker is a game of skill and mental acuity, and if one should treat it seriously enough, it starts paying off. What does it mean by this? If one should keep playing poker for recreation and being playful, then its just going to play. Treat it as work, and then it starts paying off. If you want this scenario, then it is time to get moving an up your game. Read on below as to what you can do or not do in order to make your online game start to earn its keep.

Start With Information

In any endeavor, in pretty much anything in life, one should start with information, and poker99 is no exemption. Begin by amassing a wealth and treasure trove of information. Mind you, not those free ebooks you get from the internet, but get the premium stuff. View data mined hand histories, or purchase hand histories and analyze them understand why they made the choices they did and apply them to your play. The information you get out of these materials would more than pay for themselves. These are more of a self-study thing so you can do at your own leisurely pace.


Training Sites Are Your Friends

Be a member of every training site that is on the internet and pore over videos from only the best players. Watch their videos but here is the more interesting part. Watch them, yes and then watch it again this time on mute and then start the “why’s” forward and rewind and then. Some instructors that do the voice overs on these videos tend to gloss things over and by putting them on mute you can realize what had happened best. Be open to what the best players are doing and why it works. Registering to training sites is one of the best value for money options you can do to make your gameplay better. 

Get A Coach or a Mentor

You will only be as good as the company you keep. If you are a level one player and sticking with your level one buddies, chances are not one of you will get to level two right? Leverage the power of social media and talk to pros and people who have been at it for a long time. There are also a lot of professional mentors and coaches who can more or less impart their knowledge on to you. Because there are a lot of choices, ensure that you do your due diligence via research and getting references before you hire someone to make you a better player.

By Jamie J