Fri. May 20th, 2022

People who are into online sports betting often wonder what the best types of wagers to place are. It is not an easy question and almost impossible to answer. There is no type of wager you can categorize as better than the other. The individual who is playing, the sport he or she is betting on, and the circumstances are all factors. Experienced players know that each type of wager has its merits in the right situation. But, that is not common knowledge for beginners. They are always confused at first by the full range of wagers they place. That is why beginners must learn all about the different types of bets as soon as they can.

Never place a wager unless you are sure how it works. Most bookmakers or sports betting sites, like Ligaz888, will explain things to you. You can contact their customer service if you need any clarification or help.


Win-bet or Moneyline wager

Both terms refer to the same type of wager, and it is the simplest one. The name win-bet is universal, while Moneyline wager is a common term in the United States and a few other regions. Some regions call this type of wager as a straight bet, but in the United States, it refers to point spread wagers.

A win-bet is so easy to understand even for beginners and is the traditional way to bet on several sports. That is why this is the most popular of all wagers. You can use this wager in every sport you can place a bet. As the name suggests, you only have to bet on who is going to win a game, match, or other events.

Point spreads

This type of wager is famous in the United States, especially for football. They are also common in basketball games and a wide range of other sports. The point spreads term is a universal one, but in the United States, they call it a straight bet.

Unlike the win bet, you will bet on which participant will cover the spread. A bookmaker creates the spread or range, making all participants equal favorites for betting. A favorite participant gets the point deductions, and an underdog receives extra points. The size of the spread determines how many points the participant will receive or give away. A point spread wager may sound complicated at first, but it is a straightforward way to bet when you get used to it.

By Jamie J