Sat. May 21st, 2022

The main objective of poker is to win money. Whether it is online or offline, the other main objective is being highly challenging and addictive game; it makes us mentally sharp and completely addictive. Betting money in centre of table (play area) called a Pot, it contains the bet amounts made by the participants. Poker at domino88 is also expressed in terms of losing in it as don’t throw the good money for the bad Game.

The different kinds of hands the player could have-

Royal flush

Example A K Q J 10 in the same suit, here only 4 such hands can be made.

Straight flush

Example 6 7 8 9 10 of diamonds

Numbers in a sequence from the same suit. The highest number in the hand is decided upon as to who will win the pot.

Four of a kind

Example 8 8 8 8 8

Any number but repeated in all five cards dealt to the player, so the person with the highest number will win the pot. They are also known as quads in poker.


Example 4 7 A 9 2 from spades

The cards are not in sequence but of the same suit so the place with highest card wins the pot.


Example 5 6 7 8 9 from different suits. Here the highest card holder gets the pot.

Three of a kind

Example K K K 5 2

Here, at domino88 only three cards are similar and the other pair is different numbers. The person having highest three of kind gets the pot. These are also known as trips in poker.

Two pair

Example 4 4 K K 6

Here the person with the higher pair of two similar cards gets the pot. If the other player has similar cards then the next card is assessed for the highest hand and so on.

One pair

Example 5 5 J K 10

Here only one pair is similar and checked with opponent for the highest hand and if he has a similar pair the next number in the hand is checked and so on.

If both the player had the same cards then it would be a tie and they would split the pot.

High card

Example K 8 5 3 9

Here the person with highest card will get the pot.

Always remember, after signing up for the free deposit play, you will issued a bar code and free money or tickets which can be utilised during play.

By Jamie J