Fri. Oct 7th, 2022

How Online Casino Started

It was in the early 19th century when slot machines got introduced to the public. The game back then is simple. It is a 3 reel design and few symbols. One of the first logos was the liberty bell which remains to be a favorite until today. Even with the existence of the 5 reel slot machines. Over the years the 3 slot still remains to be a favorite to many.

Early slot machines offer a single pay line. These slot machines are very popular in bars across the United States. These slot machines offer simple winnings. Prices like bubble gums or a few cents for you to use to keep playing.  Because of the classic slot machines. Fruit symbols became one of the most popular symbols even in modern slot machines.

In 1963 the first electromagnetic video slot machine came to life. This game is far from the classic machines. It offers the players a payout of up to 500 coins. They combine the video slots with a graphical theme.  With this opening. Casino operators place more symbols, pay lines, and reels into the mix. While still having control of the payout.

Moving to a greater platform

Online Casinos started to appear during the early ’90s. The evolution of computers and the internet has helped these casinos to grow. The online casino became famous and more players started joining across the globe. With this innovation. Casinos can now bring the experience closer to the middle-class audience.

When mobile devices start getting popular. Casinos also ride the tide. They started making the game available through smartphones. Not only bringing the game into our fingertips. Online casinos give more prices and bonuses if you compare them to land-based casinos. More RTP and fewer buy-ins are a few examples.

Virtual reality is starting to enter the frame of online casinos. Indeed the future looks great for this platform. Casino operators have made this game a real-life experience. Adding more visual audio to the game. More and more players are letting go of the land-based vibe of a casino. To replicate the feeling on desktops and smartphones. Casino operators use software magic, sensors, and cameras.

Looking back to the evolution of the video slots. We can say that the game came a long way to where it started. From there we can see that the future looks wide for the operators and players. With the internet, this game has been available for you to play at home. Which is ideal for everyone that wants to stay at home.

By Jamie J