Sat. May 21st, 2022
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There are various types of bonus that are offered by many sportsbooks for the beginners and for others as well. In order for you to get a good profit, a clear understanding of the bonus is essential when you play at the sbobet Indonesia.

Types of bonus at the sbobet:

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  1. Welcome bonus: There are many websites that offer a bonus for the first time investors. The offer would be as good as a 50% bonus on your first time bet. But that does not mean that there would be a 150% profit that you could cash out immediately. The catch is that there is a particular amount that the player has to invest first before he can withdraw the bonus. These are called “rollover requirements”.
  2. Reload bonuses: It is basically given only for casino players from the online casinos. With this type of bonus, the players get good profit from a deposit bonus when they reload their casino account. The player can claim a certain percentage of his deposit. These can be exclusive offers or fixed or returning promotion. It can also include some free spins.
  3. Gambling insurance: It is a type of insurance provided by an insurance company for the gambling losses that may incur. The player may also have to pay premium for coverage.
  4. Free bets: Free bets are offered after a deposit is made and then a wager has to be made before you can withdraw. Free bets are different for different websites. Some websites like sbobet indonesia allow you to keep your stake amount and winning amount whereas some will only allow you to keep winnings.

You cannot withdraw free bets but winnings can be credited to your wallet. There are many types of free bets like

“Matched free bet” in which players match the punter’s first bet to the same amount.

No Lose First Bet: If you win, you collect your winnings. But if you lose, you get another chance to play.

  1. Loyalty programs: There are many loyalty programs also offered for the existing customers to keep them happy and satisfied. They offer points to the players whenever they make a wager. These can be accumulated and turned into free bets, payouts, trips, cash or prizes. The tip here is not to cash these points when you are on a winning mode or when you have a good fat balance in them.

By Jamie J