Sat. May 21st, 2022

   Before knowing about the casino first of all we have to know what is casino. This is a game that can be played online for free. Once you are interested to play this game for their own money they can challenge and win the real money. In earlier days it provides bonuses to the customers just to attract the customer to play on, but nowadays it is standardized and the bonuses are provided by every websites for their regular customers.

Why casinos?         

Casino is a game which is played by lots of people. This game has gone viral nowadays because of no deposit bonus. The person can earn money in this game without investing their own money for a trial, so many of them would like to play this game. As mentioned earlier this also helps the people to play with their real money and can incur real money.

Online casinos:

            Casino is a game that can be played online also. There are different types of online casinos:

  • Web based online casino
  • Download based online casino
  • Virtual casino game

Web based casinos are also known as flash casinos where the customers can play the casino games through online instead of downloading the software to their device. For this the bandwidth is needed in order to load the sounds, graphics and animation through web. Some devices do not support this technology such as apple devices.

            Download based casinos are played by downloading the software to their device. Though the installation of the software may take some time, but it run faster than web based casino. Because of the graphics and sounds are cached by software rather to be loaded through web.

            Virtual casino game is depend PRNG (Pseudorandom Number Generator). It uses a set of mathematical calculation called as algorithm in order to generate a long term of numbers that give an impact of randomness. The results produced by this algorithm satisfy all but the toughest condition for true randomness.

Types of bonus:

            Some online casino offers bonus just for sign-up to attract new players to join this game. While other give a bonus to their regular customers. Once the customer wagers some minimal amount they are allowed to withdraw some amount. There are several types of bonuses:

  • Welcome bonuses
  • Referral bonuses
  • Cash back bonuses
  • No deposit bonus
  • Non-cashable bonuses
  • Comp points
  • Bonus hunting
  • Bonus disputes

By Jamie J