Fri. May 20th, 2022
Make every minute worthwhile

It can be defined as risking any sort of materialistic thing online which has a high amount of value in today’s society for unpredictable result. It is not only about gaming online but it is also about the unwanted practices which takes place like betting, especially in games like cricket through online method. It can be termed as drug also, to which if a person gets addicted can’t get rid of that.

History of online gambling:

The routes of goldenslot and other forms of gambling can be traced from the years of mid 1990s. But if we try to go deeper in this then we will get to know that it started before long years. Now a day’s people are forgetting about their ethics, values. And in simple words it can be coined that, they just want money and nothing else and that also with the short cuts.This results in such type of gambling. In which, the people, especially the youth becomes the main victim and the real target of these companies. They just show the limelight and extract money from them, on the other hand players think that they can easily earn, which has also resulted in the materialistic world. Where people do not have emotions, values and try to take the wrong path for better livelihood.

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It can be treated as an addiction, as the people who are involved in it are severely addicted towards it and just waste their precious time and money on casinos, betting etc. It can be parallel to drugs also, as not it harms the person but along that it also harms the society, country. Whose result is a corrupted society, as it can be seen, that the famous players get corrupted just for money, they do not think about their name and fame which could be spoiled if they do so.

They only think about the amount and don’t have shame that their country’s reputation is also going with that. Countries also lack in development because of this fact, as the people are busy in earning by these types of short cuts which leads them to do sins in their lives and few also do great crimes and become criminals. Technologies are also being cursed due to these things.


Unless the people will not try to stop the practice of online gambling, it will not stop and it will lead to a world full of crimes.

By Jamie J