Fri. May 20th, 2022
Domino Online

Online poker is another genre of the gaming industry, where somewhere, real money is used or it’s just played for the sake of fun. Online poker is exactly same as the real indoor poker game, played in casinos or clubs. Online poker was launched In January 1998 in United States of America. The popularity in states was so rapid and rational that the industry has reached $116 billion turnovers in 2018. Whereas in India, the online poker industry emerged in 2017 and to date the popularity has grown this industry as 4,380 crore industry seen under 2018 statistic published by KPMG. The popularity in India is so harsh that metro cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, etc. have noticed the opening of poker clubs every month to shift the audience back to the traditional indoor game. Every new person come across some questions before trying this popular Domino Online like –

Is it legal?

According to Indian law like Indian Penal Code -1860, Code of Criminal Procedure -1973, Indian Information Technology Act-2000, the Public Gambling Act-1867, Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) 1999, etc. have stated that Domino Online in India is legal until there is fraud noticeable. Supreme Court of India has reacted toward PIL of taking down Indian online poker as “poker is a game of skill and can’t be term as gambling”. So on this evidence, we can surely say that online poker is legal.

As a rational human, the major tip you can apply before getting into online poker is –

  • Never reveal your financial details anywhere
  • Stay up to date with security up-gradation of your pc or mobile device
  • Keep your device secured with internet protection software
  • Choose an authentic and trusted website

Domino Online

It’s Pros

This is the most frequently arise question asked by people before trying out this popular game. Every online game has its own advantage and disadvantage, but still, if the game is addictive, the impact doesn’t look towards the disadvantage. The basic pros/cons of online poker are –


  • It gives the user the freedom of unlimited gaming as well as easy game selection process of variety of poker games, which we can’t expect in clubs and casinos.
  • There are lower or no commission in online poker websites as compared to indoor poker games.
  • There is no bluffing or body language reading of the opponent, which leads to unfair means in this game. Here the players can’t see each other and their cards.

Mobile gamification has brought a new trend in the augmented reality world and its slowly turning as a part of capitalization. It’s true that Indian poker websites are reaching a goal to beat the popularity of USA poker website by gaining attraction of millions of audiences, every month.

By Jamie J