Fri. May 20th, 2022

 Gambling is done through many games played in the casinos. But the main game on which gambling water stared is the game of cards. There are various games can be played through cards. Poker is the family of card games. The game of cards in a group or in total is known a poker. This article is written to provide details about poker or the family of cards game. There are many poker sites through which you can gamble and earn real money. Here is the link provided to you to get details about different poker sites. Click here  to know about the best site to play poker and earn money.

 The games poker was started in the United States. In early 19th century this game was established. Gradually it became so popular that it started attracting the people from all over the world.

There are various type of games played under poker. Some of them are stated below-

  • Straight– in this game the cards are totally controlled by each of the player. And this game is for only one round. The players can bet in only one round to play this game.
  • Stud poker– in this game the cards are shuffled and arranged on table. Some of them are faced down and some of them are faced up. This arrangement is changed in every round.
  • Draw poker– in this game the cards are totally controlled by the players. The cards are placed over the table in a down faced order. After betting the players can change their hand. They can select another card which may lead them to win. This is the most famous game in the poker family.
  • Community card poker– this game is also known as flop poker. Sometimes it is considered as a variation of stud poker. The cards are arranged with some cards faced up and some faced down.
  • Video poker– there is other games like video poker. It is simply a video game of poker.

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By Jamie J