Fri. Oct 7th, 2022
All about low poker hands

In poker, it is always important to have the right strategy in your type of game. To learn poker with short hands, you must first discover the difference between a full ring (9-10 players) and a short poker (5-6 players). The most important difference is that in a shorthand poker game you have to be much more aggressive and you cannot expect hands as premium as in a normal game. The early, middle and late positions are reduced to 1-2 players, and you have to play much more marginal types of hands, such as JQ, KT or ace with a low kicker.

Where an active player fits in this?

In general, I can say that if you are an active player who can bluff very well and does not like to wait long to get good hands, then online Bandarqq with short hands is for you. On the other hand, if you are a very limited player who basically earns money from his big hands and cannot bluff effectively, then play full ring poker. In a short-handed game, you can see multiple ups and downs with marginal hands or with a second/third pair. Not to mention how big the battle for the blinds is. Blinds play a key role in the short-handed game. Since most of the time you are the small or large blind, it is important to steal the blinds and also fight for them.


Now I will talk about a shorthand hand (5 players) with no limits of $ 2 / $ 4, where I am just an observer. The hand, however, perfectly shows the main difference between the analysis and playing on a short table and on a table with a full ring. Let’s take a look at the game. UTG is restored, the slices of cut and the button ($ 1034 stack) rise to $ 12. This is a fairly common shorthand poker game when no one has entered the pot.

The pot is $ 92, and the flop comes 8c8s4d. The small blind bet $ 46 and the button calls. This is the standard continuation rate of the small blind; half of the bank and does not provide any information about your hand. You can have any pair or two high cards. The button is called relatively fast, indicating that you have a pair of pockets in your hand or that you have caught some part of the flop.

Now the boat is $ 182 and the turn card: 3c. The small blind bet $ 92 and the button calls. This is interesting The small blind or has something strong, or decided to shoot in the second trunk and try to take the boat. What is even more interesting for me is a quick call from a button. This indicates that you must have something strong because you also called the second big bet.

By Jamie J