Fri. May 20th, 2022
Domino Poker

Domino Poker is nothing but an adaptation of the Straight Poker that uses double 6 set of the dominoes and from which [1-1] and blank tiles are removed. It leaves 20 tiles at the set.


The poker domino game is played between 2, 3 or 4 players.

The Deal

Before you deal the hands, every player puts one small predetermined sum of money in a pot; it is his ante. Hands are dealt and are always 5 tiles, irrespective of number of players playing the game. Remaining tiles will be left face down by the players.

poker domino game

Starting the Play

This play is quite similar to Straight Poker. You can play rotates to left, starting with an eldest hand. Every player will do the following when his turn comes:

  • Check – It can be done to be in this game, without adding money to a pot. This will just be done on first round of your betting, when nobody has bet yet.
  • Fold – It is dropping out of this game and lose claim to a pot. The player who folds should not show their hand.
  • Bet – Player adds a little money to pot. Generally, the minimum or maximum size of the bet will be agreed in advance. It can just be done on a first round of your betting, and when nobody else has bet yet.
  • Call – Player has to put in enough of money to bring their contribution to level of other players. When the point is attained where everybody who hasn’t folded has stakes similar amount of money, then betting ends
  • Raise the bet – It will happen after other player has either bet or raised. If player has more money than will be needed for a call and extra money is an amount of raise that the player should announce. It increases amount of money that other players should add to be in this game. Generally, players will agree in advance the minimum or maximum limit on a size of the raise.

Comments and Strategy

It is really one good type of the Poker play, transferred from the cards to dominoes. Also, you may have a few benefits if you don’t know still how to play the game of Poker as the ranking of hands retains certain names of the Poker hands however not the similar values. Unlearning the game is difficult.

There’s the problem with a fact that the Straight Sixes, Fives and Fours are all likely, but can be ranked differently. In the real Poker game, ranking of the hand corresponds inversely to the likelihood. Having some hands precludes anybody from getting the Royals, Straights or other combinations that depend on the doubles.

By Jamie J