Fri. Oct 7th, 2022

Global online gambling market is estimated to cross £35 billion in 2017. Today, almost every gambling enthusiast spends several hours on online gambling websites. Poker seems to be everyone’s hot favorite.

There are a lot of success stories around

A 26-year-old young player who referred himself as-Donald from the UK recently interacted with the BBC and shared some secrets about his successful journey with online poker.

“There are a lot of variances when it comes to my monthly earnings. I make anywhere in between 0 and $50,000 every year.  I never had a proper job, I am technically unemployed. I play online poker with my friends throughout the day,” said the young man.

While sharing his opinion about best timings to play, he suggested that Friday nights, Saturday nights, and every evening can prove to be the best.

Donald said he lives with other online players because they constantly keep on talking about strategies and support each other during bad times.  The group feels positive and motivated even if someone out of them does well.

His story proves that anyone who learns the art has the potential to make money.

What all do you need to get started?

You must be living in a country where it’s legal to play online poker. You must be 18 years of age and must have a bank account with money in it. Plus, you also need to register and open an account with the poker site that you wish to play. You can start with any amount depending on your experience and the amount you wish to invest initially.

Stable and fast internet connection with UPS backup is absolutely necessary. If your internet gets disconnected, you may lose your money. This is something that no one wants to do.

It would be great if you manage to get a powerful PC or laptop with 4GB Ram, and 1GB for graphics. If you don’t have this configuration, start with whatever you have, make yourself better and reinvent yourself.

Appreciate the things that you have and work hard for things that you wish to buy in the future.

Make sure that you have your workspace and time to play. Make sure that you use comfortable chair and desk. Keep it clean and fresh.  Always keep your workstation surrounded by things that make you happy and keep you motivated.

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By Jamie J