Fri. May 20th, 2022

Possible policies Poker sites can be classified into 3 categories in their assistant software policy. Sites that allow the live analysis of manually entered data and the ex-post analysis of data from past parts

 Those which allow the use of marked poker cards of collection and analysis during the parts. Sites prohibiting any form of software support

Rooms allowing live analysis and analysis of past data

The majority of poker rooms allow the use of the following 2 types of poker software: the trackers of your games and their HUDs and manual entry calculators


 Authorized trackers

  • The allowed trackers are those that in your hands exploit data collected from already completed data, such as Poker Tracker, Holdem Manager or Poker Lens.
  • They analyze how you play and the game of your opponents a posteriori.
  • To facilitate their use during the game, they are complemented by HUD (Head-Up Display) (the expression HUD comes from the world of fighter jet pilots, a kind of augmented reality). The HUD is always “behind” a deal: it shows statistics on your opponents but without taking into account the current situation.

Forbidden trackers and forbidden data

  • . On the other hand, trackers that crawl automatically are forbidden.
  • Tools that automatically collect data on parts and tables where you have not played, ie spyware that collects data on different tables that the player could not collect on their own.
  • Sites that offer sales lists of past hands that you did not participate in.
  • Software that makes it possible to exploit illegally collected data such as Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager is not prohibited
  • In all of these cases, it’s about getting information about hands you did not participate in: you could be accused of cheating and losing your account and the money you earned if you get caught

Authorized calculators

Calculators allowed are those that allow you to manually enter data to calculate your odds. Most are free.


  • All the sites that save your hands on the player’s hard drive allow you to record your hands and analyze them via a poker wizard type tracker.
  • Note however that if your hands are not saved in English then the trackers are not usually able to exploit them.
  • But the backup language is often configurable on the poker site. Thus, if automatically saves the hands in English, however, on and non-English speaking sites (for example French), it is up to the player to configure his hands save in English.

In other words, ¬†invisible ink contact lenses on this type of site, you are allowed to use odds calculator, but on condition that you fill in the data to calculate (your hand, your opponent’s hand, the flop, etc.)… In return, the use during the few seconds you have to play is tricky …

By Jamie J