Fri. May 20th, 2022

Most of the people play online poker for free with play money. They play the game for fun and entertainment. This is the reason which attracts people to experience gambling through poker. There are many poker sites available online where you can play the game with play money and real money. The people who have more interest and like to take risks can play with real money. In fact, there is thrill in playing the game with real money for the experienced people. However playing Poker Online Indonesia with any money depends on the people in which they are comfortable.

Poker with Play money

Playing poker with play money is very interesting and easy. The person who doesn’t know to play the game also can win it. There are advantages to play with fake money or chips. There are majority of people who play poker with play money. The signup account is needed to play on this platform. You will earn free play money daily on sign in and bonuses. They play in free time and learn to excel in the game. As there is no pressure of losing the money, winning is easy here. You will learn the rules and practice with play money games. You can’t deal with different circumstances and grasp various strategies while playing on play money sets. The Poker Online Indonesia skills learnt at play money games will be helpful in real money games but not completely. These skills are apt to win only on play money set.

Transition of play and real money

There is a vast difference in playing poker with play money and real money. In play money, people don’t care of losing the game and winning is easy. In real money, people care of winning the game and lose easily. The players feel pressure in real money games compare to play money games. Even though experienced players choose to play with real money. They get huge loss before getting success. Poker is a game where fun is generated. You need to play the game to enjoy either it is play money or real money game. With this attitude you can take the loss lightly and move forward to get success. To rectify those mistakes you need to practice. The play money games are useful to practice but it’s essential to play with fewer amounts in real money games to improve the skills in all cases. This helps you to risk with big limits. The real money games make the player perfect in poker. The strategies followed in play money will not be suitable to win the game in real money games. You will fail if you apply them in real money. If you think to play the game in real with a reason of winning more number of games in play money then it’s a wrong decision. As those success helps you to win in the play games only. If you have good skills then play with real money. These are some of the things to remember about the transition of real and play money in poker.


By Jamie J