Fri. Oct 7th, 2022

If there’s one thing that many slot machine enthusiasts hate, it’s the fact that once they spin the slots and they lose, there’s no turning back. It is this notion that online and mobile casino app developers added the Respin or Free Spin functionality to their slot machines. Now, you have that chance to spin once more without wasting any additional money from your wallet.

So how can you activate this Respin feature? It depends on the slot machine you’re currently playing. Some online mobile slots will give you the extra spin if you show a specific set of images on the screen. Otherwise, it can take place at random intervals. No matter how your preferred slots do it, the Respin feature can even be deemed as a slots player’s saving grace. Read on to know more information about this lovable functionality.

Acquire Free Spins Through Cascading Reels

Perhaps the most widely used way that slot app developers give out the re-spin mechanism is what you’ll now know as cascading reels. How do cascading reels work? Each time a player scores a win, there will be some winning symbols that’ll disappear from the reels in one way or another. It doesn’t stop there; once those images are gone, other symbols will replace them. Hence, you’ll basically end up with a set of different symbols that may increase or decrease your likelihood of winning. If the order of the symbols changes in an order that’ll benefit you, then you can acquire a Free Spin from it.

Didn’t Win? Then Re-Spin!

In land-based casinos, you’ll often see the sight of despair as slot machine players continuously lose in front of their preferred gambling game. Physical slot machines tend to give out zero consolation prizes if you lose. Online and mobile slots, on the other hand, can give you another chance of saving your behind with a Free Spin. As mentioned in the introductory portion of this post, there are times when the Respin feature will decide to make itself known, even when you lose. In doing so, you now have one more chance to recover your losses.

Random Re-Spins

Acquiring Free Spins won’t just take place when you’ve lost or when you align certain symbols on the screen. There are times when the Respin functionality decides to show itself for no apparent reason. So even if you win or lose, you still have a chance of activating the feature. If you do win, and you get a Free Spin, then you now have the potential to double, triple, or perhaps even quadruple your winnings. On the other hand, if you lose, then you can take advantage of this aspect to try and bring back your losses.

Pay More to Spin More

There are sometimes when paying a bit of extra cash to play online and mobile slots will give you bonuses to help keep you playing. Some promotions include additional chips and bringing up a one-time chance of easily winning. However, app developers tend to include Free Spins when you purchase additional tokens or chips. Perhaps the best thing about going this route is that you can use the Free Spins any time you want.

So if you think that you no longer have any chance of winning at online or mobile slots, then you might want to take advantage of the Respin feature to try and turn the tides in your favor. Enjoy many mobile casino games by heading to cuci2you today.


By Jamie J